Monday, June 22, 2009

Taking Aim At An Easy Target

In a blog devoted to crankiness, technology is a remarkably easy target. But as much as I love it most of the time, I keep coming up with examples of it that aggravate me.
    ● Why in the world does my iPod revert to the first song played the last time I used it? Shouldn’t it revert to the last song I played the last time I used it?

    ● In public restrooms, I hate sinks and paper towel dispensers with motion sensors. I feel like a mime waving my hand vertically or horizontally to trigger either water or paper. Of course, if I didn’t wash my hands, I wouldn’t need the paper towel, but I don’t want to get a reputation as that kind of guy.

    ● For reasons I have yet to fathom (and the city has yet to fix), when my bicycle activates the traffic sensor at several of the intersections in my neighborhood, the opposing light turns red — but my light doesn’t turn green. And the opposing light barely stays red long enough for a car to get across, much less a boomer on a bicycle.

    ● I really wanted to add appliance LEDs to this list, but a guy named Mark Alhadeff ranted far more hilariously about these internal counterparts to runway landing lights on the Burbia site last month.

    ● Why don’t regular telephones have backspaces the way cell phones do, so I don’t have to hang up to redial a misdialed number?

    ● The automotive engineer who decided that a car’s horn should beep when the doors are locked remotely should be forced to live above a parking lot.

    ● Why does my cell phone ring to announce voice mail instead of ringing when the call actually comes in? (Actually, I know the answer to this; it relates to network traffic — but it’s still aggravating.)

    ● Why does my digital video recorder skip shows it’s supposed to record when it’s only at 85% recording capacity?

    ● Why don’t grocery store shopping carts have an in-store GPS on them? I want to be able to beam my shopping list wirelessly from my smartphone to the system, and have it sort the list in the order that the items appear on the shelves, based on the direction I’m traveling. And as much as I hate things that beep (see above), I want it to beep when I’ve passed an item on my list without checking it off.

    ● And while we’re at it, I want to be able to move a cursor to an item on TV and get more information about it. For instance, if I move the cursor to a character actor, I want to know his name and other movies he’s been in, and I want to connect to Netflix to order it. And whatever happened to the promise in that Qwest commercial where “all rooms have every movie ever made in any language anytime day or night”? I’m still waiting for that one.

Well, I feel better. Even if it was too easy.

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  1. Well, I like the motion sensors for paper towels. I wave my hand and feel like a Jedi. But I worry about electronic toilet paper dispensers, should these be installed. It's one thing if the paper towel dispenser is broken and won't dispense ...